Feeding Cats Petromalt

It may be hard to feed cats petromalt, but if they’re having hairball(s), then you should feed them it. These are ways to feed petromalt to cats that work better than putting it on their paw:

1. Squeeze petromalt out of tube near your cat:

Find your cat, sit down next to them, open the petromalt tube, and squeeze a little bit out so it is not falling on to the floor but your cat can lick/eat it. I tried this on Mankey, and she licked all of her serving. (She used to hate petromalt)

2. Try a flavour your cat likes:

Petromalt has the regular malt flavour, chicken flavour, fish flavour, and more. Try and get a flavour your cat likes.

3. Put your cat’s serving in a plate:

Put a serving of petromalt in a plate/bowl and put it in your cat’s favourite place/eating spot/ where they are currently and show your cat the bowl. Mankey only had a few licks, so I put a cat treat on top of her serving. She had the treat first, then licked the petromalt too.

After they finish the petromalt, give them a treat or something else they like.


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