Happy New Year – How to keep your cat comfortable with the threat of Fireworks

Fireworks are fun for us humans, but not for most cats. Like all wild animals, cats associate loud noises with danger and will be stressed and fearful. Here’s how to keep your cat comfortable:

1: Close all doors and windows

Sound can come through any open spaces leading into your house, and if you close any open doors/windows, the sound will be quieter.

2: Make sure your cat has a safe place to be

Maybe a bed, maybe under the couch, maybe on/next to you, try to keep them comfortable.

3: Lower the TV volume/use headphones

If you’re watching fireworks on the TV, either lower the volume, or, if you can, use headphones, so the fireworks sound is lower for your cat.

4: Keep your cat inside

The firework sound is louder outside, so don’t let your cat out during the fireworks, even if they really want to, because they may not know that it is louder out there.


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