Do Cats Like Watching TV?

It actually depends on the cat. Some cats love watching TV, reacting to things onscreen, whilst others don’t care for TV so much, completely ignoring it. Cats who love to hunt are more likely to watch TV. Some cats are comfortable sleeping in the same room as the TV when it’s turned on, but some are scared and won’t go anywhere near a TV that’s on.

Some cats watch TV because they see their humans do it. Many families sit down to watch TV together, encouraging cats to join in with the fun. Cats bonded with their humans enjoy spending time with them, and watching TV provides the perfect opportunity to do that. They’re not even necessarily watching the screen but are having fun relaxing with their favorite people.

Because cats process images faster, older, standard 50Hz TV sets appear as a nonsensical flicker that cats can’t perceive. Modern TVs with a 100Hz picture frame rate display images that are less blurry and more interesting for cats to watch. To explain how this works, TVs don’t display a moving video but a series of continually refreshing images before a new one appears. Human brains can’t process them quick enough, making the pictures look seamless and smooth. Newer TVs have a higher refresh rate, which means the images change quicker, creating more movement. To a cat’s eyes, stills on an old TV look like a series of flickering pictures. On a new TV, they look far more convincing, piquing their interest more effectively.
Carmine watching TV

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