Cats Rule’s 2nd Anniversary

It has been two years… Two years since Cats Rule started. In 2018, I did not think this website/blog would go for two (and definitely more) years and change URLs 3 times, start a e-newsletter, have calendars on the website, and a lot more good stuff. I thought this was going to get boring after a while (which would mean this would not be here today) and I would delete the website (because it was free back then) and get on with other things, but it was nice to have a cat website, so Cats Rule stayed open to the public. And that was a good choice.

This is the last day of the Week of Cats this year, in which so much has happened. I made a video of Grooming Day, and it has got only 1 view as of this morning (if you want to watch it, click here), And on Read About Cats day, my computer broke down(so that’s why there are a lack of posts), and I finally fixed it on Black Cats Rule day (the third Black Cats Rule holiday, even though they rule everyday) which took a few days away from working on Cats Rule, and today, the last day of the week of cats, is probably going to be great (not saying the other ones were not great).


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